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Some of my Custom Work.


Justin Currie has created these insane robot character designs for several Marvel and DC comic book characters. It would be awesome to see these become some kind of series!

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herzspalter asked: I liked Cap 2 alright, but I didn't find it as amazing as so many people said it was. I didn't get it. I found it okay, I enjoyed watching it, but there were too many people getting killed, I'm not a fan of heroes just shooting everybody with conventional guns, I like the flashy, silly movies more. Personal preferences, of course :3 The moment he started dancing in the beginning had me smiling, to :3 I really enjoyed the animation on Rocket Raccoon and Groot, very well done body language <3

For me Cap 2 Could decide if it wanted to Real World (with the Setting, Hydra using the “Trick people into wanting Top down power” and Over reaching Military force) but the there was a “Uncanny Valley” issue. The setting was too close to the real world so the Comic book element stood out and felt WEIRD and out of place.

Part of Guardians success is that the Space setting allowed the audience to just accept oddities like Groot, Rocket and so on without questioning it further that “its in Space”.


@geekart is back ! Let’s begin with this awesome art show by Dave Perillo at  Gallery 1988: LA ! Squares 4 Squares. More pics here


herzspalter asked: I'd love to see that Kitbash! :3

Its not going so well. I might try a Smaller Kitbash again.

I have a Few Knock off, over sized Legend Movie Bumble Bees, Movie Ractchet and others. Any Suggestions for characters would be Welcome.

Do you have an Original Character I could try?

When in a made mood.

When in a bad mood. Your not going to have fun what ever you do so you might as well do something that’s not fun anyway.


Science, bitches.

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You know…

What if Megatron shows up in Transformers: RiD as a sort of lone wanderer/sixth ranger type character occasionally helping BB’s team from the sidelines as a means of settling-his-past type of deal? And he could wear a tarp cowl similar to DOTM!Megatron, thus simplifying his design and better fitting in with the new animation and style.

If they involve him I think it would be a resurgent Unicron Threat or something very high threat the Bots need help taking.